Portable Fuel Station

Portable fuel station, also called skid-mounted gas station,  is a movable gas station that integrates oil storage tanks, oil tankers and monitoring systems, widely applied for industrial parks, bus stations, etc. Due to less investment and high timeliness, this kind of movable fuel station has a good market development prospect, and it also brings major changes to the construction of gas stations. Jayo Petro provides high-efficiency portable gas station with fueling dispenser and gas station accessories to meet customers’ various requirements.

Advantage of Portable Fuel Station

◈Safety and Portability.
◈Environmental protection: occupying small space; neither leakage nor pollution in the station.
◈Easy installation: be easily completed within several hours.
◈Durable service: retaining a fairly high resale value after being moved from one site to another site.
◈Flexibility: be suitable for most kinds of land conditions.

Technology Essentials of Portable Fuel Station

Unique Production Process of Tank

Fuel tanks are manufactured by using the imported equipment under the standard of UL-58. The connection between two tank rings is offset, turning and plug-in mounting structure, just like a strengthening ring which is twice thick as the tank body. So the tank is strongest and owns best strength and rigidity.

Hi-tech Tank Components

◈Tank Emergency Vent–Once the station is on fire, the inside temperature of the tank will rise rapidly and the fuel will be vaporized largely. Then the Emergency Vent will open to release the vapor to prevent the tanks from undertaking pressure, deforming and leaking. So the tank will not burn or explode.
◈Overfill Tank Alarm—This alarm is activate to give beeping noise to remind the operator to pay attention to the level of the fuel in the tank so as to avoid the spill and splash of fuel to cause a fire in the station.
◈Overfill Shut-off Valve—The internal float of this valve will close automatically when the tank reaches 95% capacity. The shut-off valve is designed to begin closing when the tank is 90% full, giving the oil-unloading worker sufficient time to monitor volume, stop fuel transfer, and prevent a major fuel spill.
◈Pressure/Vacuum Working Vent—This vent remains closed until there’s a differential pressure between the tank and the atmosphere so as to keep the pressure balance, reduce fuel loss and ensure the safety of tank.
◈Fusible Link Emergency Fire Valve—This valve closes upon sensing heat from a fire. The valve can also be manually closed for maintenance of dispenser components while fuel remains in the tank.
◈Solenoid Valve—The valve is always in the closed position except when the fuel dispenser is on. This assures there will be no product leakage when a catastrophic incident occurs.
◈Automatic Fire Suppression System—This unit is installed above the fuel dispenser. Once the dispenser is on fire, the unit will spray automatically a kind of dry chemicals to put out the fire.
◈Internal Ignition Suppression System (IS2) — This is a device that eliminates the potential danger for explosion in a confined space in case of fire. The basic operating principle is as follows: When the tank is engulfed in a fire, the inside temperature of the tank will rise. Then IS2 will sense the heat and spray an inert gas which will change the density of vapor inside the tank and separate and neutralize the potential for combustion. In this process, the vapor’s density range for explosion has been changed, so even if the fire is active, the tank will not explode.

Optional Parts of Portable Fuel Station

◈Single-wall tank or Double-wall tank;
◈Tank of one product or multi products;
◈A leakage sensor installed in the mezzanine of double wall;
◈Tank capacity and Fuel dispenser quantity;
◈Suction dispenser or Submersible dispenser;
Hoses and Products of fuel dispenser;
◈Stage II Vapor Recovery Pump and Fuel Nozzle for gasoline.

Style of Portable Fuel Station

Tank-style Container style Mini style
portable gas station container-type gas station
tanker-style gas station container-style gas station mini gas station