ETP-60A Electric Oil Pump Assembly

ETP series electric oil pump assembly has a variety of flexible combinations according to customer requirements. Assembled with a 1″ quick connector, it is quick and easy to install on a small oil tank. The electric oil pump assembly can transport clean neutral oil such as kerosene, diesel and other mineral oils and various vegetable oils from one container to another destination, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity, and is widely used in commercial, industrial, agricultural and other industries for oil transportation. This series of electric oil pump assembly has the advantages of reliable operation, convenient operation, favorable price, long service life, convenient maintenance, light weight and low noise. In order to ensure the normal operation of the electric oil pump assembly, the port of the oil suction pipe should be more than 5 cm away from the bottom surface of the container to prevent dirt from being sucked in. The oil suction height should not exceed 1.0 meters. If it is found that the oil is not absorbed or the oil volume is insufficient, stop working immediately, and immediately check whether the electric oil pump rotates in the correct direction, whether the pipeline is unobstructed, and whether there are potential problems such as air leakage in the oil suction pipe, so as to avoid using it with illness and shortening the life of the electric oil pump assembly.

Technical Parameter of ETP-60A Electric Oil Pump Assembly

Model ETP-60A
Standard Pump JY60-AC220
Flow Meter FM-120L in Liter
Hose  4m
Manual Nozzle J60-A
Bracket Yes
Option Pump JY60-AC110
Flow Meter FM-40G in Gallon
Automatic Nozzle Yes
Bracket No
2M Inlet hose Yes
Filter Check Valve Yes

Package Info of ETP-60A Electric Oil Pump Assembly

Dimension Net Weight Gross Weight Package
42*35*34cm 16kg 17kg 1pcs/carton

Besides, Jayo also provides other ETP series electric oil pump assembly. According to customer requirements, they all have a variety of flexible combinations. Assembled with a 1” quick connector for quick and easy installation on small tanks. Contact us for more details about electric fuel pump assembly.

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