Electric Transfer Pump

Different types of oil pumps have different internal structures and different functions. They are usually used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, printing and dyeing, plastics, textiles, road construction, food processing and other industries. The function of the electric transfer pump is to suck out the fuel from the fuel tank, pressurize it and deliver it to the fuel supply pipe and cooperate with the fuel pressure regulator to establish a certain fuel pressure to ensure a continuous supply of fuel to the fuel injector. The electric oil pump is a device that continuously sucks the gasoline from the fuel tank and provides the fuel system with the specified pressure and flow of fuel. Based on the function of the electric transfer pump, it can be clearly known that the performance of oil pump will directly affect the working performance of the engine.

Features of Electric Transfer Pump

◈Mechanical seal
◈Safe and reliable cast iron pump body
◈Anti-corrosion coating built-in 100micron filter
◈Easy to clean cast aluminum motor
◈Protection grade IP54
◈Continuous operation built-in relief valve.

Technical Parameters of Electric Transfer Pump

Model Flow Rate Max.
Voltage Overflow
Strainer Inlet
JY60-AC220/110 20L-60L/min 3Bar AC220V±10%50Hz
Yes Yes 1” 375W
JY80-AC220/110 20L-80L/min 3Bar AC220V±10%50Hz
Yes Yes 1” 550W

Packaging Info for Electric Transfer Pump

Dimension Net weight Gross weight Package
JY-60: 50*30*25cm
JY-80: 29*23*26cm
2 pcs/carton