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KYB series Self-priming Oil Pump

KYB series self-priming movable pump is our the newest style fueling pump. In virtue of its strong self Priming, high shaft power utilization, long service life, this fuel pump can be applied into wide fields. For instance, working with diesel engine when there is no electric in terrible environment, it can be as a good movable fire pump in specifically environment. The obvious advantage of this oil pump is that it can pump and transfer oil automatically, and it can be used to pump gungo and normal sundry and work with air inner. In a word, choosing this fuel pump to clean bottom oil can bring high working efficiency, reduce waste and improve economic efficiency.

Advantages of Self-priming Oil Pump

  • High vacuum. The vacuum degree of this fueling pump is better more then other congeneric products.
  • High haft power utilization, large output with small power input.
  • Long service life, little wearing part, easy to maintenance.
  • Compact structure, easy to use and preserve.
  • With buit-in relief valve, when oil pump or pipe break down, or close discharge valve by mistake in cause to high pressure, then relief valve will open automatically, disburden part or all high pressure liquid to low pressure chamber, so as to protect fuel pump and pipe .
  • Connected with driven motor or diesel engine by elastic coupling, this oil pump is installed on public chassis.

This series fueling pump adopts moist change flexible graphite as packing seal, with good elasticity and high temperature resistance, stable chemical properties. Therefore, it can pump and distribute kerosene, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, and some lubricants whose moving viscosity under 200 degree. Briefly, Jayo self-priming fueling pump has been widely used to pump, load and sweep oil stock in various fields, including railway station, gas station, bowser or oil truck, and with cast iron impeller, it also can be used as moving fire pump.

Applications of KYB series Fuel Pump

KYB series sliding oil pump is used to transport light oil products such as gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, etc. The pump can not only be used for unloading oil in the oil depot, pumping the bottom oil, cleaning the warehouse, and refueling, but also can be used for motor fuel trucks and oil tankers. The fuel pump has its own overflow valve, and the liquid transfer is driven by a vaned rotor. The pump body is made of cast iron, and the sliding vane is made of RPP, which is durable. According to the environment and customer requirements, the power configuration can choose electric motor, diesel engine or gasoline engine and install OGM flowmeter or LC flowmeter.

Technical Parameters of KYB Oil Pump

Model Size(mm) Flow(L/min) Head(m) Power(kw) Voltage(V) Speed(rpm) Material Flowmeter precision


25 7 30 0.75 220/380 1450 cast iron / stainless steel

±1%R; ±0.5%R


40 20 30 2.2  220/380 1450 cast iron / stainless steel

±1%R; ±0.5%R


50 25 25 3  220/380 1450 cast iron / stainless steel

±1%R; ±0.5%R


65 35 20 4 380 1450 cast iron

±1%R; ±0.5%R


80 45 20 5.5 380 1450 cast iron

±1%R; ±0.5%R