Anti-explosion Motor YBZ series for Fuel Dispenser

Anti-explosion motors are a type of motor for flammable and explosive places and do not produce electrical sparks when running. Currently, manufacturers provide explosion-proof motors for various fields, like coal mines, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. In general, explosion-proof motors are the main power equipment, driving pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery. With the development of highways, a large number of fuel filling stations have emerged. So gas stations provide a broad market for explosion-proof motors. The rated voltage, rated current, power and speed of an explosion-proof motor are the same as those marked for ordinary motors. The difference is that explosion-proof motors have an additional anti-explosion symbol: Ex.

When choosing explosion-proof motor, users must have an understanding of its explosion-proof performance. Because only choose the right anti-explosion motor can make sure the safety of use and avoid resources waste.

YBZ961-4 flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor is a three-phase asynchronous motor for fuel dispensers. First, it is in line with our national conditions. And its main shell of the motor is a seamless steel tube structure. The two ends are made of aluminium alloy. Besides, the front cover has a 180° rotating wire outlet device, and the wiring is introduced by casting and curing and filling the sealed introduction device. Moreover, this motor has a beautiful appearance, novel shape, low noise, small vibration characteristics. What’s more, this motor has two kinds of power to choose, including 0.55kw and 0.75kw.

Using Conditions of this Motor

◈Rated power: 0.12-3kw
◈Rated voltage: 380V.
◈Rated frequency: 50Hz
◈Insulation grade: Class F, temperature rise according to 80K assessment
◈Ambient air temperature range: -15℃~40℃
◈Altitude: not more than 1000m
◈Rated operating system: S1 continuous operation.

Installation & Dimension of Motor YBJZ961-4