Common Faults & Solutions of Self-sealing Fuel Nozzle

The self-sealing fuel nozzle is a kind of oil gun suitable for filling light oils such as kerosene, gasoline, and diesel oil. The self-sealing device integrated into the gun body design ensures that the oil gun automatically closes when the container is filled to prevent media from overflowing. The oil inlet connecting thread can be processed into a variety of standards as needed to facilitate customer selection and use. For example, our Russian customer Топаз often chooses BSPP for connecting threads.

The aluminum alloy gun body has good electrical conductivity and can eliminate static electricity promptly and safely. The refueling nozzle with attitude control function can quickly lock the nozzle when the gun body deflects abnormally in the refueling state to ensure safe operation. Multiple models and specifications of refueling nozzles and oil outlet configurations provide customers with ample room for choice. For example, the 3/4” and 1” self-sealing oil guns produced by our company are relatively popular in the Russian and Central Asian markets.

Common Faults & Solutions

◈The refuel gun cannot be closed or a small amount of oil leaks after closing. The reason is that there is foreign matter between the main valve and the valve seat or the auxiliary valve spring fails and cannot seal. And the solution is to clean the main valve, lengthen the auxiliary valve spring or replace the auxiliary valve spring.

◈The fuel gun cannot be self-sealing. The reason is that the upper cavity of the switch membrane is not tightly sealed from the outside world, such as the screws of the plastic gland of the upper cavity are not tightened; the adapter sleeve in the fuel nozzle and the “O” type seal on the auxiliary valve seat. If the ring is damaged, a pressure difference cannot form between the upper and lower chambers of the switch membrane. The solution is to tighten the plastic gland screws and replace the damaged “O” ring. Another situation where the refuel gun cannot be automatic is that the fuel gun is not self-sealing for small flows. This is because in the case of small flow rate, the flow rate is low, the suction effect is weak, and the pressure difference between the upper and lower chambers of the switch membrane is small. So it cannot overcome the elastic force of the spring to move the self-sealing rod upward. The solution is to reduce the elastic force of the spring in the upper cavity of the switch membrane.

◈The refuel gun frequently seals itself. The main reason is that the air inlet pipe in the fuel nozzle is blocked by dirt and the air intake is not smooth. In addition, the elastic force of the spring in the upper cavity of the switch membrane is too small, which can also cause frequent self-sealing. The solution is to clear the dirt in the air intake pipe and keep the air intake pipe smooth; stretch the self-sealing spring appropriately to enhance the elasticity of the spring.

◈No oil is produced when the gun is fired or the amount of oil produced is small. The reason is that the oil gun filter is clogged or the oil pipe joint is blocked by foreign matter. The solution is to clean the filter or replace the hose.

◈The refuel gun leaks oil. Fuel nozzle leakage mostly occurs at the movable joint between the oil gun and the hose, the joint between the oil gun nozzle and the gun body (mostly damage caused by improper use) and the top gland of the main valve. The first two places are mostly damaged by the “O” type sealing ring. Just replace the “O” type sealing ring. If there is oil leakage from the gland at the top of the main valve, it is usually because the gland is not tightened or the “O” sealing ring is damaged. Tighten the gland or replace the “O” sealing ring.

Advantages of Self-sealing Fuel Nozzle

Self-sealing fuel nozzles are currently widely used in gas stations everywhere. Compared with traditional refueling nozzles, self-sealing refueling nozzles have higher technological content in design and technology, and are more user-friendly, functional, practical and safe. Great progress. There are several benefits to using a self-sealing refueling nozzle.

◈The lightweight and compact design of the self-sealing refueling nozzle can facilitate the use of refueling personnel and greatly reduce their work intensity. It allows the refueling staff to easily carry out refueling work, and it is also coordinated by the flow rate controller, which not only makes the refueling accuracy more accurate, but also helps improve their service quality.

◈The gun body of the self-sealing fuel nozzle is made of high-quality metal alloy through strict processes. Both the inner cavity and the outer wall are very smooth and have a certain degree of conductivity. It is durable and wear-resistant, can withstand the test of time and long-term use, and can also avoid the generation of static electricity and oil foam, which is beneficial to the stable and reliable refueling work of the self-sealing refueling gun.

◈The self-sealing refueling gun not only has a safety control valve, but is also equipped with an integral insulating holster, which can not only ensure the safety of the refueling crew, but also prevent accidents during the refueling process. It can also self-lock in time if an accident occurs. This prevents fuel from spraying out, which is beneficial to the safety of using the refueling gun and the safety of refueling the vehicle.

◈The self-sealing refueling nozzle has a buffer structure design. In this way, even if the refueling nozzle generates excessive impact when self-sealing, it can play a good buffering role and can greatly reduce the impact of this impact on the pipeline and the refueling machine accessories. of damage.

◈The models, specifications and configurations of self-sealing refueling nozzles are very complete, which not only provides users with sufficient choices, but also is relatively convenient and easy to replace and repair, which is conducive to the sustainable and stable refueling services of gas stations.

In short, the self-sealing refueling nozzle is lightweight, compact, reasonably designed, convenient to operate, and safe to use. It can effectively improve the service image of the gas station. It can also adapt to customer needs and quickly realize the filling of gasoline, diesel and other oils. The use of self-sealing refueling guns can greatly improve the work efficiency and quality of refueling personnel. While completing the work efficiently, it not only reduces the probability of errors, but also ensures their own safety.