Welcome Топаз to Visit Us

With the steady development and continuous innovation of the company, we have become a leader in the field of gas station equipment supply.

It’s the season of spring flowers again, and the most beautiful is the April day on earth. Yesterday afternoon, a customer team from Russia, including the chairman, his wife and general manager of Топаз, came to China for visiting the factory. Our boss and all the staff expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of foreign customers. Thanks for the long-term support.

According to the scheduled plan, today (April 8th) morning, the customer will visit fuel hose production line, and visit the sample tests on the hose products. The technical personnel of the two sides will also hold consultations and discussions on the electrical conductivity and wear resistance of the hose. Our company has fully listened to the needs of customers and actively responded to the questions raised by customers. In the friendly and harmonious interaction, it has won the trust of customers.

In the next week, customers will also visit the production lines of flow meters, solenoid valves, oil guns and other products as planned. We will fully cooperate with customers to do a good job of inspection. In addition, we have also arranged a wealth of travel activities for our customers, so that customers can enjoy the great rivers and mountains of our motherland after work, so that customers can have a happy experience and leave good memories.

In the future, our company will continue to work with customers to actively explore cooperation opportunities, make full use of the resources of both parties, seize business opportunities and gather influence to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

Thank TOPAZ for the continued trust and support. As a professional fuel dispenser parts supplier, we will continue to uphold high-quality product quality, good after-sales service, and professional technical support, and wholeheartedly provide customers with products and services to achieve win-win cooperation.