Camlock Coupling Type B

This camlock coupling is a quick connector, also known as a pull-type quick connector and a cam-locking quick connector. It is mainly used in low-pressure applications. It is easy to install and can be quickly coupled. This camlock coupling Type B is suitable for gas, water, oil, gas and certain corrosive liquids in most industries. According to different conveying media, different materials (AL, BR) can be selected, and various special-shaped products and accessories are also provided.

Material: AL、BR

Size: 1/2”~6”

Quality Control

◈Passivation-prevent surface rust.
◈Surface treatment-shot blasting (the surface is smooth and fine).
◈After a pressure test of 0.686 MPa (7 kg), to ensure that the product does not leak.
◈Each female head is pressed with the male logo to ensure that each product can be used normally.
◈Each male head has been tested by the mark R degree instrument to ensure the normal use of each product.
◈The thread of each product has undergone formal testing.