Oil Unloading Joint Couplings

The API oil unloading joint produced by JAYO PETRO is specially adapted to the optimized design of the API valve for fast coupling to ensure safety, fast unloading and safe oil delivery. The inner lip mating port, designed for easy connection and various connectors that meet the API1004 standard, is easier to be compatible.Oil Unloading Joint


Body: Aluminum
Seal: NBR
Handle: Copper
Pin: stainless steel

Features of Oil Unloading Joint:

◈This Oil Unloading Joint adopts aluminum die-cast construction, anodized;
◈With cam locking operation, press installation;
◈The 22.5 angle and flat bottom design reduce oil retention;
◈The proprietary handle design is locked towards the direction, making the connection more convenient and the sealing performance more reliable;
◈Cam mechanism design free-floating connection eliminates friction and bending during the connection process, making the connection smoother and more convenient without grease;
◈The sheet/tubular sight glass design makes it more convenient to monitor the flow of the medium no matter it is day or night;
◈Used for multi-position oil tank trucks, which can be used for separate loading and unloading of different oil product positions;
◈Oil Unloading Joint conforms to API1004 standard.

Technical Parameter

Model JY206
Size 4*2.5”/4*3”/4*4’’
Working Pressure 0.6㎫
Operating method Manual
Temperature range -20℃ ~ +70℃
Using medium Diesel, gasoline, kerosene
Dimension 50*50*40cm
Net weight 15kg
Gross weight 16kg
Package 8pcs/carton