Discharging Oil Valve – API Coupler JY810

This API coupler can be used with various 4” bottom tanker loading couplings assembled in accordance with API RP 1004 specifications. The API coupler can be used when loading and unloading gasoline, which can greatly reduce the loss of liquid when disconnected. Designed to efficiently tank a wide range of fuel oils, the product comes standard with high performance seals for excellent wear resistance and durability. The design structure of API coupler is not easy to cause twisting confusion of the loading frame, and the new, convenient, and self-aligning structure can ensure tight coupling with the tank truck joint and prevent lateral force.

Main material: alluminum alloy

Features of this API Coupler

◈Lightweight die-cast aluminum construction for strength, anodized finish
Only open after properly connected and locked with an API connector
Ensures a convenient and accurate docking, maintains a tight connection with the API male connector and effectively resists lateral pull during canning
Simple and reliable sealing design uses high-performance double sealing ring
Meet the requirements of API RP 1004
Only one-handle operation is required for disassembly and assembly

Technical parameter of API Coupler JY810

Model JY810
Size 4’’
Working Pressure 0.6㎫
Pressure drop 0.024㎫
Operating method Manual
Temperature range -20℃ ~ +70℃
Using medium Diesel, gasoline, kerosene
Dimension 45*30*52cm
Net weight 20kg
Gross weight 22kg
Package 2pcs/carton