Optical Sensor

JAYO optical sensor is installed on the top of oil tank manhole cover. It is anti-over flowing protection device. When the oil is allowed to fill into the oil tank, it monitors and controls oil level cordon. When the oil goes up to the cordon, the sensor will make warning to prevent the oil overflowing or escaping. It is the best safety limit communication system. Its body has two wires input structure. M20 static eliminator needs to be equipped with one gasket and one cap to form a conductor. It benefits better connection and easier to find reason and the installation.


Body: Aluminum
Seal: NBR
Hardware parts: stainless steel


◈Aluminum alloy die-cast structure, anodized treatment.
◈Glass probe, integrated solid electronic equipment.
◈Unique optical reflection system to guarantee the precision.
◈The size of the optic sensor fits existing manhole cover.
◈Five-wire probe output signal is compatible with the standard output format.
◈Probe height can be adjusted.
◈Used for many sections tankers, separate loading and unloading for different fuel.

Technical Parameter

Working voltage 12VDC
Working current 5mA
Working temperature -20℃~+40℃
Response time 1S
Anti-explosion class ExiallBT4
Medium diesel, gasoline, kerosene

Installation of Optical sensor