Manhole Cover & Emergency Bottom Valve

Both oil tank truck and fueling tanker belong to the dangerous goods transport truck. Compared with other vehicles, the risk factor of the fuel tanker is relatively high, so there are relatively few people driving such vehicles. There are many oil trank truck parts on the fuel tanker, and they are different from other vehicles. Therefore, it is very necessary for fuel tanker drivers to master professional knowledge about the tank truck parts and performance of the tanker well.

Manhole Cover

The manhole cover is installed on the top of the oil tanker and is used for the functional parts of loading, unloading and ventilation. It is equipped with a breathing valve and an emergency exhaust valve. In the event of an emergency, the safety of the tanker is guaranteed. Under normal circumstances, the breathing valve is closed, but when refueling, unloading, and temperature changes, the pressure of the tanker will also change. At this time, exhaust/inhale, keep the pressure of the oil tank within the specified pressure, and the breathing valve will automatically open. When it comes to emergencies, such as fire accidents, the emergency exhaust valve is opened to automatically release the internal pressure of the oil tank to avoid explosions.


▶Meet the NTTC DOT406 Standard
▶Meet the International GB18564.1 Standard

Materials of Manhole Cover:

Lever, Cover & Weld Ring: galvanized seel
Emergency Exhaust Valve Aluminum Alloy
Seal Ring: :Nitrile or fluoro

Features of Manhole Cover:

◈The pressure plate of the emergency exhaust valve is pressed eccentrically, which can avoid the accident that the pressure plate will automatically open when the tanker is overpressured unexpectedly.
◈The exhaust valve equipped with a loaded spring has an automatic opening function, which conforms to the international oil tanker transportation standard NTTC DOT406, which effectively prevents the explosion of the oil tank.
◈When the oil tank is turned over, the automatic sealing function of the pressure vacuum breathing valve effectively prevents unnecessary leakage of dangerous oil.
◈The emergency exhaust valve is opened in two stages, with a two-stage safe opening method.
◈250mm (10 inch) emergency vent hole is convenient for the insertion of the oil inlet riser when the top is loaded with oil.
◈Manhole cover can be customized according to customer needs.

Emergency bottom valve

Emergency bottom valve, also known as emergency shut-off valve, is generally installed at the bottom of the tank body. When the pipeline or valve is accidentally broken and damaged, the tank body can be kept sealed, which can improve the leakage of liquid in the tank and improve the safety and reliability of transportation. That is to say, emergency shut-off valve is a kind of protection device. When an emergency occurs in the vehicle, the spring inside the submarine valve can be triggered, so that the oil pipeline can be cut off within 5 seconds to ensure the safety of the oil in the tank and prevent leakage and explosion, and then ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. The grooves on the foot valve meet 49CFR 178.345-8 US safety standards. The bottom valve flange is installed on the oil tank shell, and the poppet valve is located inside the oil tank, which is safe in compliance with DOT standards.

Materials of Emergency bottom valve

Body and Cover:cast aluminum Alloy
Main Valve Plate and Gland: high strength aluminum alloy
Spring of main valve:stainless steel
Main valve shaft and air chamber shaft: stainless steel

Features of Emergency bottom valve

◈Specification :DN80PN10 Non pressure balance valve
◈Minimum Pressure: 0.25㎫
◈Replaced M10 bolt with M10*45 in emergency hole
◈The closure pressure of spring: 185N
◈With filter
◈The flange according to EN13308 or TTMA

Technical Parameter of Emergency bottom valve

Item Size Description Standard of Flange Weight(kg)
FV-B-3-D-F 3.0” Square Flange with internal cylinder European Standard 3.6
FV-C-3-D-F 3.0” Square Flange Manual European Standard 3.6
FV-C-3-D-YT 3.0” Round Flange Manual US Standard 3.8

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