Manual Mechanical Joystick

This series of manual mechanical joysticks is used to control the manual subsea valve at the bottom of each container of the oil tank through wire ropes at the center of the tanker, and has a fusible connection device. When the temperature reaches 75 degrees, it will melt, and the anti-drop joints that have been connected will loosen. Ensure that the seabed valve is closed to effectively avoid accidents.

This manual mechanical operating lever is used to control the manual emergency shut-off valve (used for JAYO emergency bottom valve) at the bottom of each container of the tank truck through 1 to 5 wire ropes at the center of the tank truck. Manual combined pneumatic control switch is equipped with a meltable connection device, which will melt when the temperature reaches 120 degrees Celsius, and the tensioned anti-falling terminal will also be released immediately to ensure that the bottom valve is in a closed state, effectively avoiding fire or accident occur.


◈Compact design and easy operation
◈High temperature fuse device, which can be cut off urgently
◈Handle, support material aluminum alloy
◈Rotary shaft material stainless steel
◈Closing bracket material copper alloy
◈Joystick adopts planar linkage structure
◈Cylindrical sports surfaces are wear-resistant
◈The pressure on the moving area is small, and the contact is easy to lubricate
◈Cam mechanism uses spring force to close
◈The crank handle can quickly return from the movement link structure, improving efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Model Number
of handles
Weight (kg)
JY3508-1 1 2.4
JY3508-2 2 3
JY3508-3 3 3.7
JY3508-4 4 4.5
JY3508-5 5 5.6