Pneumatic Control Switch

Pneumatic control components, as the name implies, are valves used to control and adjust the pressure, flow and direction of compressed air, so that the pneumatic actuators can obtain the required force, action speed and change the direction of movement, and work automatically according to the specified program. The air pressure control switch is also called a pneumatic switch and a pneumatic valve. It is a type of switch that uses the pressure generated by the different gas pressures on both sides of the switch valve to control the opening and closing actions.

JAY Pneumatic Switch

JAY pneumatic switch can be installed on the API oil unloading valve and oil and gas recovery joint of the oil tanker for the linkage control of the loading/unloading system and the pneumatic valve of the oil and gas recovery system. It has three air nozzles: P air inlet, A air outlet, R return The gas is reset using a quick-close valve.


◈Assembled on vapour recovery fitting and API dump valve
◈Improved seal design for long service life

Technical Parameter

Model Remark
JAY-01 Suitable for oil & gas recovery connector
JAY-02 Suitable for oil & gas recovery connector
JAY-03 Suitable for oil & gas recovery connector

Combined Pneumatic Control Switch

The combined pneumatic switch is used for the air switch of the API oil discharge valve of the oil tank truck, the emergency bottom valve, the oil and gas valve and the oil and gas recovery joint.The centralized control of the air circuit of the side plate breather valve, in a combined pneumatic control The switch can control the opening action of multiple parts or parts of multi-storage tank trucks at the same time. It has a compact structure and is durable. Changing the combination method can add a pneumatic component to achieve emergency cutoff, which meets the safety standards of tank trucks.


◈Small design, compact structure
◈International use
◈Simple and reliable, free combination of tanks suitable for different numbers of tanks
◈Simple installation and easy operation
◈Optional emergency control, which can cut off all the air lines of the cabins at the same time.