Vapor Dust Cap

JAYO Vapor dust cap is installed on the vapor recovery adaptor to prevent dust and debris. It also protects the vapor recovery adaptor on the line portion of a dual point fill systems. Orange in color is to indicate vapor recovery lines and lockable to prevent misuse. The vapor dust cap fits all 4’’ male quick couplings and the cam action creates a solid push down and pull up movement for fast, easy removal and replacement of cap.vapor dust cap


Body: Aluminum, Plastic
Seal: NBR
Handle: Plastic, Stainlesssteel


◈Lightweight die-cast aluminum structure, with strength.
◈Long service life, protects the surface of the poppet valve.
◈Cam rolling groove design,easy to operate.
◈Durable nttrile gasket forms pressure to maintain positive pressure seal.
◈Meets APl1004 standard.
◈Keyhole device is not free to open.
◈Each dust cap has one stainless steel chain.

Technical Parameter

Model JAYO505 JAYO506
Size 4” 4”
Material Aluminum Plastic

Installation of Vapor Dust Cap