Essential Equipment for Petrol Station Construction

If you are considering running a petrol station but don’t know where to start, and you don’t know much about the essential petrol station equipment, then this article may serve as a guide for you.

Market research before Starting a Petrol Station

For turning your dreams into reality, you cannot do it without market research. The first prerequisite for opening a gas station is to conduct sufficient investigation and research on the market to understand the level of demand for gas stations in the local market. To do this, you need to conduct research in the following areas:

◈Analysis of gas station industry trends: understand the overall market of gas stations, the number of gas stations, consumption trends and influencing factors;
◈Analysis of market demand: how many potential customers are there, what services do customers prefer besides refueling; where to choose the location;
◈Analysis of competitors: to fully understand who are nearby peers, what services they provide, understand their business hours, and understand their source of customers

Today’s petrol stations, if owners want to win more customers, they must understand the requirements of customers and think about how to make themselves stand out among their peers. In addition to refueling customers, you can also consider providing other services, such as car washes, tire pressure checks, auto parts sales, and more. Of course, to enter any industry, you need to understand and abide by the current laws, regulations and environmental standards required by the industry.

Essential Petrol Station Equipment

The special equipment for gas stations is mainly oil tanks, oil pumps, oil pipelines, fuel dispensers, fuel nozzles, rubber hoses and other accessories. The classification of oil tanks in gas stations is mainly divided into two categories according to materials and structures. At present, the oil tanks used in most gas stations in my country are horizontal steel tanks. As for non-metallic oil tanks, because of It has many disadvantages such as leakage, so it is not used in gas stations. Therefore, the specification stipulates that the oil tank for refueling should be a horizontal steel tank. The necessary equipment of the gas station, its function is to store, deliver oil and refuel. The submersible pump depends on how you refuel. There are generally two ways: one is to install an oil pump inside the fuel dispenser and use vacuum suction. The other is to install a submersible pump in the oil tank to supply oil under positive pressure. The latter effect is better. In addition, gas station recycling systems have emerged in recent years. Gas stations are equipped with oil and gas recovery equipment, mainly for safety and environmental protection, reducing oil and gas emissions and polluting the environment, and at the same time improving the safety level accordingly. Now many gas stations have installed oil tank level gauges, which are connected to the gas station computers, and the management software is developed in the background, which can safely manage the oil storage, and can also realize remote data transmission for easy management.

Next, we will discuss how to select the necessary petrol station equipment when opening a gas station.

There are many brands of fuel dispensers on the market today, each with unique features. Here are a few things to consider when choosing which brand of fuel dispenser to invest in:
◈Maintenance Costs: For anyone looking to enter the fuel retail business, maintenance costs are an integral part of the purchasing decision. Your best bet is a dispenser with low maintenance costs, considering washable filters and durability of consumables.
◈Fuel dispenser reliability: It is important to select a fuel dispenser with multiple layers of tamper-resistant security, which is critical to the ROI of a fuel retail business.

When choosing the oil pipelines, it is important to consider the corrosion resistance and installation/maintenance cost. Some oil pipelines may be easy to rust, polluting the environment and danger to use. So we always suggest customers choose the corrosion resistant oil pipe. Besides, for oil tanks, keep these points in mind:
◈Make sure that a leak detection test is performed to detect possible leaks in the tank.
◈Calibration and Cleaning: Calibration is important to know the exact volumetric capacity of a tank when cleaning in order to remove unwanted substances from the tank that could end up contaminating or affecting product quality.

The retail fuel business involves a lot of inventory such as totalizer reading capture, shift crew adjustments, wet stock, product sales, gas station miscellaneous charges, and more. In summary, an end-to-end automation solution is recommended for real-time monitoring of tank and pump transactions.

For oil tank automation, please keep the below points in mind:
◈The product is transported to the storage tank in the station.
◈Consumption trends for each tank within the station.
◈Wet inventory report for tank transactions.

For fuel dispenser automation: Sales and transactions for each fuel nozzle should be captured in real time. The webmaster should be able to understand the sales volume and expected cash return of the business every day in real time.

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