Automatic Fueling Nozzle 120L Series

The self-sealing device integrated into the gun body can ensure that the fueling nozzle is automatically closed when the container is full to prevent the medium from overflowing. The positioning piece installed on the butt of the gun can realize the flow distribution in 3 gears. The connection thread of the oil inlet can be processed into various standards according to the needs, which is convenient for customers to choose and use. The aluminum alloy gun body has good conductivity and can eliminate static electricity in time and safely. The fuel gun with attitude control performance can quickly lock the fuel gun when the gun body deflects abnormally in its fuel supply state to ensure safe operation. The multi-model and multi-specification refueling guns and oil outlet configurations provide customers with ample choice. The JAYO 120L series automated fueling nozzle is suitable for large and high-traffic gas stations, heavy trucks, automobiles and fleet services. If you operate a full range gas station, refuel your own fleet, or manage a cassette gas station, using the low cost, long life and durable JAYO 120L high flow fuel gun will improve your work efficiency and sales profits.

Materials of Fuel nozzles 120L Series

Body: Aluminum
Seals: Buna-N, Won
Main stem seals: Viton Cased Oil Seal / Graphite with Teflon
Main stem: Stainless steel

Features of Fueling Nozzles 120L Series

◈The 120L automated refueling gun is suitable for refilling diesel, kerosene and various gasoline.
◈Smooth, flat profile reduces the occurrence of diesel engine blister and false closing.
◈Three-gear normally open holding gear: only one finger can control the normally open holding device, which can easily control three different flow rates.
◈Easy to replace the oil outlet pipe – only need to remove the screw on the oil outlet pipe and replace the new oil outlet pipe, related accessories can be obtained from JAYO.
◈Fleet Tube Retaining Ring-Adds an extra measure to secure the position of the flow tube.
◈Double poppet valve – easy to open the fuel gun under high pressure.
◈Integral insulated holster – protects the refueling gun and vehicle, and isolates the user’s hands from damage.
◈Color selection – see color chart inside page.
◈Optional oil outlet pipe with attitude lock – when the oil outlet pipe is tilted upwards more than the horizontal position, the oil gun will be automatically closed to prevent leakage and accidents.
◈100% factory inspection.

Warning: Do not install and use JAYO 120L series fuel nozzles with a normally open hold setting at prepaid self-service gas stations. Using other objects to keep the automatic fueling nozzles in the normally open state will cause the fuel gun to fail to close and personal injury.

Package info of Fuel Nozzle 120L Series

Net Weight: 1.6kg/pc
Gross Weight: 1.9kg/pc
45 x 40 x 32.5 cm3/case of 10pc

Technical Parameter of Fueling Nozzle 120L Series

Model Inlet Size Outlet Diameter Flow Rate Working Pressure
120L NPT1” / BSP1” 1-3/16” 0-120L/m 0.18㎫
120LP NPT1” / BSP1” 1’’ 0-90L/m 0.18㎫
120LB NPT1” / BSP1” 1-3/16” 0-120L/m 0.18㎫
120LBP NPT1” / BSP1” 1’’ 0-90L/m 0.18㎫