Metering Fuel Nozzle LLY-25

The metering fuel nozzle LLY-25 series is a combination of horizontal screw-wing flow meter and fuel gun. It is a meter instrument used to measure the volume flow rate of liquid (petrol, diesel, engine oil, hydraulic oil, etc.) flowing through the pipeline. In virtue of reliable performance, this metering fuel nozzle LLY-25 is suitable for filling petrol and other light oil products.

This metering fuel nozzle is produced according to the standard of Q/YOY01-90, which has the advantages of high precision, convenient to use and flexibility.This type of metering refuelling gun can be directly installed in the oil depot of the distribution tube of the filling barrel for refuelling and filling. It can also be installed on the distribution pipe of automobile tanker and petrol motorbike pump to refuel the group of vehicles. The petrol can be supplied by the pump or the natural pressure of the tank height difference can be utilised (the pressure should be ≤ 0.4 MPa). In virtue of its small volume, light weight, easy to carry and accurate measurement, this fuel nozzle is suitable for filling light oil.

Refueling nozzle with counter LLY-25 is designed to measure the total and single amount of diesel fuel.

Metering fuel nozzle LLY-25 is used for on-farm accounting, both in stationary installations and in ground-based refueling and pumping facilities. It is used as a pistol for refueling in small settlements at gas stations of a local scale.

Technical Parameter

◈Conditional pass – 25 mm
◈Working pressure – 1 MPa
◈Permissible error: ±1%
◈Min.flow – 25 L/min
◈Max flow – 120 L/min
◈Division price – 1 L
◈Max. set dose – 9999 L
◈Operating temperature from -20 to +50

Working Principle

Having roller pointers for a one-time count of the amount of liquid, the gun with a counter serves to count the amount of fuel that has passed through it. Roller disposable pointer crane LLY has a device for setting the readings to zero. Accounting for the amount of liquid that has passed through the counter gun is based on counting the number of revolutions of the drive screw inside the fuel dispenser gun. The flow of the measured fuel, entering the meter and passing through the volume meter, loses part of the pressure to create a torque that causes the screws to rotate. The measurement of the amount of liquid by a pistol with a counter occurs due to the periodic cutting off of certain volumes of it contained in the cavities between the cylindrical bores of the holder and the screws. This device is a combination of the simplest fuel dispenser gun and fuel meter, the accuracy and performance of which are inferior to industrial designs. Pressing the lever opens the valve, fuel flows through the gun. When the faucet lever is released, the valve closes under the action of a spring, blocking the flow of liquid. The adjusting screw is intended for equipment calibration. The drain pipe of the dispensing gun with a counter is used to direct the liquid into the container when refueling.

Terms of Use

◈Please check whether all parts of the metering fuel gun are in good condition before using. Adjust the flow rate to the rated flow rate. It has been proved that the accuracy of the metering fuel gun is higher when it is used at the rated flow rate.
Keep the dial of the refueling gun as horizontal as possible during the using process, without knocking or hitting it.
Please clear out the dirt in the filter usually.  And it is forbidden to measure water, alkali, acid and other solutions.
The metering fuel nozzle has been adjusted and verified before leaving the factory. Users generally cannot disassemble it at will. If the valve rubber pad is to be repaired and replaced, the impeller chamber part and the transmission mechanism must be disassembled before proceeding. Steps: (1) Unscrew the pressure ring with a special wrench; (2) Take off the gear transmission mechanism; (3) Unscrew the connecting intermediate wheel on the top of the impeller chamber. (4) Remove the inlet pipe; (5) Take out the impeller chamber part from the inlet of the gun body.
After the metering fuel gun has been used for a period of time, due to various reasons, the error may be too large. At this time, the adjustment device can be used to adjust. When adjusting, first loosen the adjusting device, the outer nut, and use a small screwdriver to turn the inner plug. When the watch is slow, turn the plug clockwise for half a circle or several weeks, and try it several times until you think it is correct. Conversely, when the watch is fast, turn the screw plug counterclockwise. After the adjustment is completed, the outer nut should be tightened. (Note: The so-called speed of the watch refers to the error. For example: the pointer indicates 100 liters, but the actual flow of the medium is 105 liters, we call the watch slow. On the contrary, it is called the watch fast.)
When installing and using the metering refueling gun, an electrostatic protection device should be installed in the refueling system.