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Fuel Nozzles for Dispensers –  JY 2101

This kind of fuel nozzles have small shape, light weight, easy to operate and convenient to use. Designed on customers’ demands, Jayo nozzles for fueling dispenser can provide durable long life and reliable service.

Materials of Fuel nozzles JY2101-11A

Body: Aluminum

Seals: Buna-N, Won

Main stem seals: Viton Cased Oil Seal / Graphite with Teflon

Main stem: Stainless steel

Features of Fueling Nozzles

♦ JY2101-11A automatic fueling nozzles are suitable for refilling diesel, kerosene and various gasoline.

♦ It is easy to replace the oil outlet pipe – just need to remove the screw on the oil outlet pipe and replace the new oil outlet pipe, related accessories can be obtained from Jayo Petro.

♦ Adopting small aluminum frame, this fuel nozzle shows light weight, easy to operate, unique and novel in appearance.

♦ This series fuel nozzles adopt the advanced vacuum design.

♦ The body uses casting process – sand casting process or high pressure casting proces, which reduces foam and static electricity generation.

♦ Users can control the fueling gun with one hand, convenient and quick to set the flow rate for the customer.

♦ This fueling nozzles adopt the integral insulated holster to protect the refueling gun and vehicle, and isolate the user’s hands from damage.

♦ Color selections •See color chart on inner page.

♦ Optional splash guard.

♦ Optional oil outlet pipe with attitude lock – when the oil outlet pipe is tilted upwards more than the horizontal position, the oil gun will be automatically closed to prevent leakage and accidents.

♦ 100% factory inspection.

Warning: Using other objects to keep the automatic fueling nozzles in the normally open state will cause the fuel gun to fail to close and personal injury.

Package infomation of Fuel nozzles JY2101-11A

Net Weight: 1.225kg/pc

Gross Weight: 1.5kg/pc

53.7×42.7×35.7 cm3/case of 15pc 37.5x34x43 cm3/case of 10pc

Technical Parameters of JY2101-11A Fuel Nozzle

Model Inlet Size Outlet Diameter Flow Rate Working Pressure
JY2101-11A BSP3/4’’ / NPT3/4’’ 15/16’’ 0-60L/m 0.18㎫
JY2101-11AP BSP3/4’’ / NPT3/4’’ 13/16’’ 0-45L/m 0.18㎫