Double-door Bottom Valve

The double-door bottom valve is a kind of energy-saving valve, which is generally installed at the bottom of the underwater suction pipe of the water pump. It restricts the return of the liquid in the pump pipe to the water source, and has the function of only entering and exiting. There are many water inlets and reinforcements on the valve cover. Ribs, which are not easy to block, are mainly used in pumping pipelines. The role of water channels and supports. The caliber has single, double, and multi-flap types. There are flange connections and threaded connections. The bottom valve is estimated by the valve, the valve disc, The valve cover, bushing, sealing ring and other parts are composed of the valve cover. The liquid enters the valve body from the valve cover. Under the pressure of the fluid, the valve disc opens. It plays the role of smooth flow and energy saving.

Working Features:

◈In order to prevent the reverse flow of the medium, check valves should be installed on the equipment, devices and pipelines;
◈Check valves are generally suitable for clean media, and should not be used for media containing solid particles and high viscosity;
◈Generally, vertical lift check valves should be selected on horizontal pipelines with a nominal diameter of 50mm.
◈Used for water, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, etc.

Working Principle:

The upper valve body is connected with the suction pipe of the fuel oil dispenser. When the motor of the fuel dispenser starts, a negative pressure is formed in the suction pipe, making the pressure on the side of the lower valve body higher than the pressure on the side of the upper valve body; The shadow of the double-door bottom valve is lifted upwards, and the oil can enter the suction pipe of the fuel dispenser. When the motor stops working, the negative pressure in the inner cavity of the upper valve disappears, and because the static pressure of the oil circuit becomes positive pressure, the valve disc is in the Automatically closes under the action of positive pressure, and the oil will not fall back. Because the check valve uses two sets of identical valve bodies and discs, the performance of the check valve is more reliable.

Technical Parameter

Valve closing speed 0.5S
Working temperature -30~+55℃
Thread BSPF/NPT 1.5”
Dimension 37*31*18cm
Net weight 21kg
Gross weight 22kg
Package 20pcs/CTN