Fuel Filter to Replace Gilbarco R18189-10

This fuel filter ((Gilbarco alternative filter) is designed to remove mechanical impurities from fuel. This filter is similar to Gilbarco R18189-10, CIM-Tek 70015 400-10, Benza 00315-10. This fuel filter is used in oil dispensers to filter impurities in the oil while absorbing a small amount of moisture in the oil. Its filtration precision can reach 10 microns, 20 microns, 30 microns, 60 microns, etc., which can meet the needs of different oil products.

This fuel filter(Gilbarco alternative filter) can be used as a replacement filter element for GILBARCO 10 micron dispenser (gasoline). This filter can also be used as an additional filter element on special equipment. To install the filter on special equipment or a small gas station, you will need an adapter. This filter provides fine filtration of the supplied fuel, capturing particles larger than 30 microns. It is a maintenance-free component and must be replaced after its service life has expired.

The filter housing is made from steel using a cold stamped process. The filter element ensures the retention of mechanical impurities of 10 microns and above. The supply pipe of the filter element has a through hole. Inside the housing, the filter element is held in place by a spring on the housing side and a guide on the threaded connection side. Threaded connections are made of 2 mm thick steel. Fixation to the body is achieved through radial rolling. Seal the connection between the filter and adapter by using a rubber gasket. If the filter element is completely clogged, the fuel supply will stop.


◈Principle: Pressure filtration
◈Style: barrel type
◈Performance: Precision filtration
◈Applicable objects: fuel
◈Applicable object properties: corrosive
◈Filter Type: Cartridge
◈Main body material: stainless steel
◈Filtration driving force: Pressure filtration
◈Filtration precision: 10 microns, 20 microns, 30 microns, 60 microns, etc. are optional to meet the needs of different oil products.

Technical Parameter

◈Thread: 1 1/2″-16 UNF
◈Flow rate: 80 l/min
◈Maximum pressure 0.4MPa

In addition, with many years of experience in oil filtration design, R&D, production and sales focusing on the fuel dispenser industry, we are also able to provide customers with a variety of customized fuel filter options. Welcome to inquire.