Strainer Basket |Strainer |Air Eliminator

The volumetric flow meter is equipped with flow meter parts such as strainer (filter) basket, strainers and air eliminator. They can make sure the cleanliness of the liquid, facilitate the detection of the volumetric flowmeter and protect its internal structure.

Strainer Basket | Filter Basket

Customers should choose the proper filter basket to use according to the viscosity and the anticipative measuring temperature of different products.

Strainer Mesh General Application
200M LPG only
100M Gasoline, Solvents, LPG
80M Gasoline, Solvents
40M Heating oil, Diesel fuel, Light oils
20M Motor oils and Viscous products

Strainer for Flow Meter

In the upstream of the flow meter, a strainer should be installed. It eliminates large weld slag, iron filings and other pipeline trash, impurities that could damage downstream equipment if not removed. The strainer should be cleaned regularly, especially during the commissioning phase or for newly installed equipment.

Material: Aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel available

Model Diameter
JY-GLQ-50 50mm/2”
JY-GLQ-80 80mm/3”
JY-GLQ-100 100mm/4”
JY-GLQ-150 150mm/6”

Air Eliminator

Flow meters should be kept as dry as possible, otherwise it may lead to inaccurate measurement and damage certain types of flow meters. A simple and effective way to obtain dryness is to install air eliminator upstream of the flow meter. The liquid entering the air eliminator hits the baffle, flows along it to the bottom, and is discharged through a suitably sized valve. Experiments have shown that with the efficient air eliminator, it is possible to maintain dryness over a wide range of flow rates.

Material: Aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel available