Clear Captor Filter GL-7 | Fuel Seperator

This Clear Captor filter GL-7 is a cartridge filter that includes a transparent container and a removable inner cartridge. Filter separator GL-7 (similar to the Piusi transparent trap water filter) is used to purify diesel and gasoline. It provides engine protection and eliminates premature failure due to the presence of moisture and foreign particles in the fuel. The filter’s fine-mesh construction traps particles as small as 30 microns in size, ensuring the unit is filled with pure, homogeneous fuel. This fuel filter is available with paper filter that also allows water absorbtion.



Technical Parameter

◈Max Working Pressure: 5BAR
◈Base Length:170mm  Height:270mm
◈Size: BSP 1”


◈Strainer Cartridge
◈Impurities Paper Cartridge
◈Water Paper Cartridge
◈Drain Valve

The filter consists of a clear plastic bottle with a disposable element inserted into it. There is a valve at the bottom of the housing to discharge sediment and sludge. Transparent walls allow you to monitor the level of contamination and the amount of separated liquid for timely cleaning.

The kit includes an adapter through which the filter is built into the line. Threaded connections ensure easy installation. This model can be installed before or after the pump. It is recommended to place it in the suction line to extend the service life of the pump set.