Filter FSP50 for Various Oil Filtration

Filter FSP50 is suitable for filtering various oil products and ensuring the cleanliness of the oil products. This petrol filter FSP50 is usually installed on various pipelines. In the process of conveying oil products, various solid particle impurities are blocked, and the filter element can be quickly and conveniently taken out to remove impurities. Novel structure, light weight, small filter resistance, easy installation and cleaning.


◈ Body: aluminum
◈ Seal: Buna-N rubber
◈ Spring: stainless steel
◈ Hardware: steel

Features of Filter FSP50:

◈ Lightweight cast aluminum construction, with strength, oxidation treatment;
◈ Equipped with an easy-to-remove, easy-to-clean filter mesh;
◈ Align the filter mesh to the correct position for assembly;
◈ The cover is easily removable;
◈Eliminates all pin and bolt components for easier maintenance;
◈Can be disassembled and assembled without special tools

Technical Parameter of Filter FSP50

Model Size Working pressure Flow range Use medium
FSP50 2” 6㎫ 600-1500L/min diesel, petrol, kerosene
FSP80 3” 6㎫ 600-1500L/min diesel, petrol, kerosene