Hose Break Valve

The pull-off valve is a hydraulic component installed on the hydraulic pipeline for the safety of the fuel dispenser. In the case of abnormal external force in the tanker, the pull-off valve will separate and fall off and cut off the oil circuits at both ends in the shortest time to avoid leakage of gasoline. At the same time, under the normal working conditions of the fuel dispenser, the pull-off valve is in a normally open state, and the fuel oil can flow smoothly without falling off. The break valve (emergency release device) can prevent leakage accidents caused by accidental rupture of the hose. The application areas include ship-to-shore unloading, tank loading and unloading on roads and railways, and other fixed and mobile fluid storage devices, such as cranes, fluid transfer arms and Connections between transport carriers.

It can ensure the maximum safety in fluid transportation in marine and land-use cranes. The pull-off valve JY TL series is specially designed to prevent accidental force on the fueling hose. The break valve is connected between the hose of the fuel dispenser and the fuel nozzle. To protect the safety of tankers and gas stations, it is wise to choose JAYO Petro to be a necessary and ideal safety equipment. Each time when refueling is completed, the hose needs to be retracted to a safe position to avoid fatigue damage to the pull-off valve caused by a sudden increase in the pressure in the hose when the hose is crushed by a vehicle.

Technical Parameter

Screw thread Diameter Max. Pull Flow range
BSPT/NPT 3/4” & 1” 3/4”: 250LBS±5%
1”: 300LBS±5%
3/4”: 0-60L/min
1”: 0-120L/min