LPG Pump HCB-150

LPG pumps are used in the unloading, filling, conveying and filling processes of petroleum liquefied gas fuels. The requirements for LPG pump are high pressure difference, gas-liquid mixed delivery, low NPSH value, low pulse delivery, low noise emission and explosion proof proof. Users also expect stable and reliable delivery of gas-liquid mixtures, control of liquefied fuel vaporization and changes in vapor pressure, and more reliable and efficient pumps. As one of LPG dispenser parts, HCB-150 LPG pump is designed for high differential pressure application using, for underground and aboveground tank application.

Advantages of LPG Pump

◈Cost effective replacement to submersible designs
◈Meeting multiple demands for LPG application
◈Whether alow or high flow rate with a high differential pressure, by undergroundand above ground tank application LWB-150 pump is an idea pump for dual hose LPG dispensers
◈Continuous duty design
◈Serviceability is simple and economical.

Technical Parameter

Model Inlet Outlet Speed Motor
Temperature Max.
HCB-150 1(1/2”) 1” 60Hz
3450 RPM
2880 RPM
5.5Kw -32℃
27.6Bar 17.2Bar

Package Info

Model Dimension Net weight Gross weight Package
Only pump 43*33*42cm 29kg 35kg 1pc/wooden case
Pump with motor 95*45*60cm 133kg 153kg 1pc/wooden case

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