LPG Separator

Check valve, filter, by pass pipe built in LPG Separator. The filter captures impurities from the pumped liquefied gas.
A check valve at the bottom of liquefied petroleum gas separator ensures that the pressure inside the separator is maintained, which is necessary to prevent the formation of a gaseous phase. A port at the top of LPG separator vessel allows the vapor phase to be discharged into the vent pipe. The separator body has a G1/2 thread for connection to the outlet pipe.


This separator is designed to use in fuel dispensing unit for dispensing liquefied petroleum gases. The separator is applied to remove the gas phase from the flowing liquefied gas and to filter it before it enters the expansion chamber of the separator. And it is designed with a non-return valve and an outlet filter.

Technical Parameter

Max. Working Pressure 25Bar (2.5㎫)
By Pass Pressure 40Bar (4.0㎫)
Strainer 0.08mm
Dimension 48cm*38cm*35cm
Net weight 17.5kg
Gross weight 23kg
Package 1pc/wooden case

Besides, Jayo Petro also provides LPG-2 differential valve as follows:

LPG-2 Differential Valve

Working Pressure 18Bar
Pressure Difference 0.3Bar
Flow Rate 5~60L/min
Dimension 26cm*26cm*15cm
Net weight 27kg
Gross weight 28kg
Package 5pcs/wooden case