Rubber Hose for Aircraft Ground Fueling & Defueling

This rubber hose with petroleum-based fuel with aromatic hydrocarbons not exceeding 50% used for ground refueling and oil suction and discharge of aircraft at civil airports. The conductive rubber hose for aircraft refueling consists of an inner rubber layer, a fabric reinforced layer and an outer rubber layer. The inner and outer rubber layers are made of oil-resistant synthetic rubber and mixed with conductive components, and the outer rubber layer is bonded to the fabric reinforced layer to form a strong and wear-resistant protective layer. This series of products have the characteristics of light weight, high working pressure (bursting pressure), wide range of temperature, various types of conveyed media, wear resistance and aging resistance, static conductivity and long service life, etc.


Material and Structure

The quality of the hose shall be uniform and shall be free from pores, bubbles, external impurities and other defects when visually inspected. The hose consists of the following parts.
◈A synthetic rubber lining layer resistant to petroleum-based fuel.
◈A woven, braided or wound fabric reinforcement layer.
◈Abrasion-resistant, outdoor exposure-resistant and petroleum-based fuel-resistant conductive synthetic rubber outer cover layer.


Rubber Hose for Aircraft Ground Fueling & Defueling is used for ground fueling and defueling of aircraft at civil airports, with aromatic hydrocarbons not exceeding 50% of petroleum-based fuel.

Besides, JAYO Petro also provides other kinds of rubber hose for fueling solutions.