Flow meter NARA

Flow meter NARA adopts the advanced technology, which can be widely used for different fuel dispensers. Flow meter NARA has the advantages of high flow, long working life, high accuracy, firm sturcture, easy installation, etc.

Flow meter for fuel dispenser NARA is designed to measure the volume of liquid passing through its measuring chambers inside the meter body. The NARA volume meter is an analogue of the VFKU 5.178.404.00-04 volume meter. It is a universal flow meter, fully suitable for NARA fuel dispensers of various series. Serves for accounting of delivery of fuel with a high degree of accuracy. It has four cylinders and an adjusting wheel. With built-in intelligent pulser, this flow meter has 60 or 100 pulses for option.

Flow meter for fuel dispenser NARA China analogue VFKU 5.178.404.00-04 is used to measure the volume of the dispensed product by the NARA fuel dispenser. The flow meter NARA has a nominal bore of 25 mm. The cyclic volume of the meter is 0.5 liters, the maximum flow is 100 liters, the minimum is 5 liters. Minimum measured volume = 2L. Basic relative error +- 0.2%. With a fuel consumption of 50-55L/ min, the loss will not exceed 0.04 MPa.

Technical Parameter of Flow Meter NARA

Name Flow meter NARA
Discharge rate per revolution 0.5L
Flow range 5~100L/min
Working pressure 0.12㎫ ~ 0.35㎫
Accuracy ±0.2%(5L/min~100L/min)
Repeatability ≤0.1%

Installation of Flow Meter NARA