Oval Gear Flow Meter OGM-25/40

The flow meter OGM-R-25/40 series flow meters with mechanical totalizers are designed for accurate measurement of high viscosity diesel, kerosene, motor oil and other viscous liquids. The use of oval gears in meter readers ensures high measurement accuracy over a wide range of pumped product viscosities. The meter body of this flowmeter is made of aluminum and the oval rotor is made of steel. There is an analog counter and a 7-digit display on the mechanical recorder. Oval gear meter OGM-R-25/40 can be used both in stationary technical installations and in mobile vehicles for filling and pumping oil products.

Liquid flow meters with oval gears are designed to measure total and one-off quantities of light oil products, liquefied gas, and other non-corrosive liquids. The flow meter OGM-R-25 level gauge can be used both in stationary technical installations and in mobile vehicles for filling and pumping petroleum products. The design of the oval gear flow meter OGM-25/40 includes oval gears, which ensures reliability and high measurement accuracy.

Counter with mechanical readout (SU)

Working principle of Flow Meter OGM-25/40

The counter with oval gear OGM-R-25 works on the principle that two oval gears rotate and mesh under the action of fluid flow, and each rotation measures a certain volume of fluid. The rotation of the gears is transmitted to the counting mechanism, where it is converted into units of volume. In a word, OGM series oval gear flowmeters are used to transmit liquids with a large viscosity range, and have good repeatability and service life, and can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, transportation, food and other industries.

Advantages of Oval Gear Flow Meter

◈Compact structure
◈Easy maintenance
◈Easy to read and operate mechanical display
◈Flexible installation
◈Low pressure drop

Technical Parameters

Model OGM-25 OGM-40


25mm/1” 40mm/1(1/2)”

Flow Rate Range

20~120L/min 40~400L/min





Max. Pressure

16Bar 6Bar


50*32*26cm 37*33*33cm


16kg 21kg


2pc/carton 1pc/carton