Ex-proof Pulse Generator | Sensor for Fuel Dispenser

This ex-proof pulse generator FBCGQ-3 is an electro-mechanical device intended to convert mechanical rotation of its pin in the sequence of rectangular pulses. It is used for operation as a part of the fuel dispenser. The pulse generator structurally consists of a body and a cover of cylindrical shape connected by four screws. The body material is aluminum alloy, assuring the protection degree against external impact IP 44. The support bracket, made of aluminum alloy by means of which the generator is fastened to the fuel volume meter of fuel dispenser, is connected to the body by screws. The pivot pin made of stainless steel, whereon a thin metal disc is fastened is set into the generator body. 100 small rectangular slots are performed in the disc along the circle at the same distance. The disc plane is located between the receiving and transmitting parts of the opto electronic couple.

Operating conditions of the pulse generator: temperature of -40℃ to plus 50℃, air humidity from 30% to 100% at 25℃.

Working principle of Pulse Generator

The rotation of the volume meter shaft is transferred to the generator pin by means of the reducing bushing in the fuel dispenser. The disc with slots fastened on the pin rotates in the gap of the optoelectric couple, as a result it forms an output pulse signal. The quantity of the formed electrical pulses is proportional to the revolution angle and the quantity of revolutions of the volume meter shaft and as a result to the fuel volume which passed through the volume meter.

For one full revolution of the pin the generator forms 100 pulses for each output. Counting the quantity of these pulses by means of external measuring indicator enables to determine the value of the revolution angle and the quantity of revolutions of the generator determines the quantity of fuel, which passed through the fuel dispenser volume meter that enables to control the process of dozing and selling of the fuel to the consumer.

The generator pin can rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise. When rotating the pin clockwise (if to look at the generator cover from above), the signal of the second channel is slow relative to the first channel signal. Using this effect the measuring indicator can determine and control the direction of the generator pin rotation.

Technical Parameters

Model FBCGQ-3
Supply voltage 5-12v
Consumption current, no more 20mA
Quantity of output circuits 2
Output sink current in the circuit “CH1”, “CH2”, no more 50mA
Phase shift between output signals 40-130 degrees
Quantity of pulses for each output per one revolution of the pin 100
Weight 0.7kg