FMC Series PD Rotary Vane Flow Meter

This is a kind of positive displacement flow meters (short for PD flowmeter) that can be used to continuously measure the volume flow of liquid flowing through a pipeline. It belongs to the highest precision class among flow meters classification. PD rotary vane flowmeter is an instrument that directly accumulates flow according to the volume of the discharged fluid.

Advantages of PD Rotary Vane Flowmeter

◈This series PD rotary vane flowmeters are single chamber, angle-type, rotary vane and positive displacement flowmeters.
◈It has high measurement accuracy and wide application range, and is suitable for measuring various fuel oil products from gasoline to kerosene.
◈With the compact structure and various designs, this flow meter is suitable for various installation forms.
◈With low pressure loss, this flow meter is well suited for gravity unloading.
◈The advantages of long service life, low wear bearing and cam structure can make the flowmeter able to run for a long time with high accuracy.


FMC series PD rotary vane flowmeter can be used in mixing, batch processing, sub-packaging, inventory control and airtight transportation of various oil products, solvents, chemicals, paints, fertilizers, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model FMC-50 FMC-80 FMC-100


50mm/2” 80mm/3” 100mm/4”

Flow Rate Range

38~380L/min 75~750L/min 150~1500L/min

Max Working Pressure







59*34*57cm 70*40*58cm 83*46*65cm

Net weight

42kg 56kg 80kg

Gross Weight

57kg 70kg 96kg


1pc/wooden case


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