SM Series Vane Volume Flow meter

Flowmeter is defined by the National Committee for the Approval of Terms of Science and Technology as: an instrument that indicates the measured flow and (or) the total amount of fluid in a selected time interval. Simply put, it is an instrument used to measure the flow of fluid in a pipe or open channel. Jayo has launched SM series vane volume flow meter for oil tank truck, tanker, service stations and fueling area. This flow meter can be also used in chemistry sector, mines and other industry sectors.

Features of SM Series Flow meter

◈Stepless adjusting mechanism allows a micro adjustment of the meter.
◈Special designed manifold in line separates from measuring chamber to avoid stress coming from the installation.
◈Low head loss.
◈Simple constructions: Rotor-blades for easy and low maintenance cost.
◈Wearing compensation :To maintain a good accuracy all along the years.
◈flow meter also for various products: up to 800 Cst.

Applications of SM series Flow meter

◈Oil company: refineries, oil depots, gas station and tank trucks distribution.
◈Airports: aircraft refuellers.
◈Army : depot reception or loading trucks.
◈Administration : railway companies , public transport
◈Ports: Boats/ barges
◈Private oil transport companies

Technical Parameter of SM Series Vane Volume Flow meter

Model Size Volume per revolution Flow range Accuracy Repeatability Max.
Temperature range Dimension Net weight Gross weight Package


50mm/2” 0.4L 40-400L/min ±0.2% ≤0.07% 8Bar -40℃-+60℃ 35*29*47cm 18.5kg 19.5kg 1pc/carton


80mm/2” 2.27L 133-1333L/min ±0.2% ≤0.07% 8Bar -40℃-+60℃ 44*60*62cm 65kg 75kg 1pc/carton